11822418_1002723526428583_3169017172762514098_nStephanie Kneese

Hello and welcome to my website! However you may have found yourself here, I’m grateful. I’m an only child and I give that credit for my abundance of creativity. Since I was a little girl I loved pretend play, reading, and making up stories.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, especially when it wasn’t structured.  The idea of creating people, places, and unusual events that make the mind wistful has been enlightening. From absurd poetry, rambling short stories, and the entertaining longer stories I knew writing was something I always wanted to have in my life.

When I’m not writing I’m spending time with my loving and supporting husband and our daughters. I can also be found pursuing other creative outlets such as sewing, making jewelry, fire spinning, and scrapbooking. My other interests include cooking, baking, making goofy videos, comics, making up songs, camping, and yoga.