Updates & Announcements

The 2017 year started with a bang. I apologize to those of you who have been waiting patiently (or even not so patiently) for the final story in The Five Maidens Trilogy, Island of Secrets. It will be coming out towards the end of this year. Here are a few things that I’ve been up to.

Moon Bound Press LLC 

I started a publishing company this year with the goal of building my business and a dream of being able to help others accomplish their dreams. You can visit the official website HERE and Facebook Page HERE.

Wanderlust Signing Events

I’m a quarter owner/operator of an amazing team that has put together Wanderlust events. The first event is Wanderlust in Dallas in May where I will be selling paperbacks of my books at A.R. Hall’s table.

Keeper of Secrets & Book of Secrets

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I announced that the covers are being redone to match the cover of Island of Secrets. I wanted to give them a fresh look inside and out before the final story in the trilogy, so they will all blend well together.


I’ve been working hard with the Wanderlust team to pull off the Dallas event this year and several in the 2018 year. It is because of this my resources aren’t all going towards my usual comic con shows. I will most definitely be back to some of my favorites in the 2018 year.

HTS Anthologies

Calling all writers/authors! MBP (Moon Bound Press) has teamed up with authors, A.R. Hall and T. Birmingham to create three anthologies with all proceeds going to HONOR THE SACRIFICE. It’s important to give back to our Veterans and if you write, this is how you can help. Visit the official website HERE or Facebook Page HERE.


Thanks guys!



Beta Readers

Calling all Beta Readers!

And others interested in receiving ARCs  for Reviews!


Book of Secrets is coming out at the end of the month and I’m gathering my crew now. Let me know HERE if you want to read an advanced copy.


Special Update:

I’m working on several projects at the moment and I can’t tell you too much about all of them… yet. As you know Book of Secrets is being released at the end of this month. Then the third and final book in The Five Maidens Trilogy will be coming out later in the year.

However, I have three other projects I’m working on…

*This includes a special standalone that takes place a few years after The Five Maidens Trilogy ends. This story is another YA Fantasy.

*I’m also working on my next series! This will be a New Adult (18+) Fantasy series inspired by Norse Mythology.

*The final project I’m working on is an Adult Romance, and that’s all I’m going to say about that one.

Can you believe it’s already May? This year has been flying by. My next event is in Dallas for the Dallas Comic Con Fan Expo! I’m looking forward to hanging out with some of my wonderful author friends. You can see what events I’ll be at through the Appearances tab above. Hope you all have a great week!

DIY Inspiration & Deadline Board


I’ve been trying to decide how I wanted to post my inspiration and deadline info at my desk. I wanted something that I would regularly see but would look nice. The idea came to me yesterday as I was watching some Youtube videos. One of them, by Ingrid Nilsen, was a DIY Inspiration Board! View video below:

I realized that I had those boards somewhere in our garage from a project I wanted to do. So I took one of them (I now have 3 left over!) and started painting. I let it completely dry overnight so I could start fresh with adding items this morning. I’ve only added a few items but once I collect more I’ll do an update. If you attempt to read my “Monthly Deadlines” page you’ll notice two things. First, I don’t have December because I plan to spend more time with family and don’t want to be rushed that month. Second, there are several abbreviations that don’t make sense to you. Trust me when I say, you’ll know what they mean soon enough. 🙂

I’m debating on leaving the board propped up on my lamp or putting on the wall above my computer. Here’s a look at my desk now:


Here is a look at the freshly painted board (you can see where my tape didn’t hold up in an area too):



Swag & Reviews

Hey, friends!

Today I wanted to share something new with you…

Stephanie’s Secret Keepers

Stephanie’s Secret Keepers is the name of my new Street Team! I’m looking for up to 10 individuals to join this new group. In the future, I hope to grow this number, but for now, the limit is 10.


  • Leave Reviews within 3 days of new releases (Amazon, Goodreads, etc).
  • Spreading the news of new releases.
  • Help come up with new marketing ideas.


  • Advanced Reader Copies (e-books)!
  • Discounted Signed Paperbacks!
  • Fun Swag!
  • Special Giveaways!

If you are interested in joining please fill out THIS FORM and I will be in touch with everyone at the end of the month.




This past weekend was the Permian Basin Comic Con X, and it fun! I love connecting with fellow authors and new readers. My wonderful friend, Holly Hudspeth, was right next to me and we pushed our tables together to make a grand display! I love that girl and I’m so happy I met her and I can call her one of my great friends! There was a decent turnout for the event, more than I anticipated. This means I ran out of books! Yes, you read that right. I had to pull some from a local store so I’d have some for the last day. I’m happy to report I left the show with one book. I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing reviews from all of those that purchased Keeper of Secrets over the weekend.

Book Trailer

This has been a long process, something I’ve been wanting to do. Now it’s finished and I can share it all with you! My book trailer! It was all a matter of collecting the right materials to fit what I wanted it to say. I decided against doing one for just the first book or for each book, this trailer is one that will fit the series as a whole.


An Exciting Year Planned

This year is off to a great start! I have amazing friends and family that have continued to encourage my dreams and I’m excited to announce Book of Secrets, Book Two in The Five Maidens Trilogy will be coming out soon! If you missed the announcement on my Facebook Page or Twitter here is the cover:


My cover artist, Alex, did another amazing job. I love her work!

I have to throw out a couple thanks to some amazing friends, fellow authors: Holly Hudspeth, Britaini Armitage, and K.K. Allen. Without these three I think I’d be lost. They are encouraging, helpful, and amazing individuals (and their books are awesome too)!

This year is promising to be an exciting one! Book of Secrets will be coming out. I’m making more videos. I’ve got some wonderful events coming up. I’m aiming to have book three in The Five Maidens Trilogy come out towards the end of the year as well. There are more surprises in store so make sure you follow me on Twitter and Facebook for the exciting announcements the future holds!

The Descendants, Review

12088543_961918597214959_1393545822455721700_nI give it 5 Stars!

The Summer Solstice Series comes to an end in this wonderful tale. Greek Mythology, Romance, Magic, and Imagination come to life in The Descendants. In this story, we continue to learn some interesting things of Katrina’s past, and a certain family member. Gasp! The biggest threat is lurking near and you don’t want to miss it! I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t read the first two, but K.K. Allen does not disappoint!

Official Blurb – Winter in Apollo Beach is anything but a wonderland for Kat and her friends as their Enchanted community comes face to face with Erebus and his latest act of evil that strikes close to the heart. There’s no turning back. Erebus has his sights set on Kat and using her to access the mysterious energy source. Kat will do anything to keep her friends and family safe . . . even if it means surrendering herself to the God of Darkness. Meanwhile, Kat is finally picking up the pieces of her broken heart and moving on until all goes awry at the Arctic Winter Masquerade Ball. Everything she’s worked for is shattered when she lands in the arms of someone who will divert her path . . . and heart . . . once again.

The Descendants released today! Pick up your e-book or paperback version today!

Find author, K.K. Allen online here:

www.kk-allen.com  ~  Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Instagram  ~  GoodReads


Reviews and Paperbacks

Hello, all! It’s been another beautiful day and I’m living it to the fullest!

I have just received my first review for Keeper of Secrets. Between that and a few messages from friends telling me they are loving the story makes me so incredibly happy! If you are interested in reading this book or future ones as ARCs fill out this info for me, please.

I have also received an email notification that the paperbacks will be arriving on Tuesday. If you haven’t yet ordered one and would like to, visit my Etsy shop. In the future, you will also be able to purchase signed copies directly from me at several events!

Happy Reading!


NaNoWriMo Time, Again

It’s out, officially! The e-book anyways. I’m extremely excited that my debut novel is out and I’m hard at work at the rest of the trilogy. My e-book is available on a number of platforms including kindle, iBook, and the nook. I’ve been having issues with the paperback, but should have resolved very soon. A proof copy should be on its way to me very soon! I will continue to have the option to pre-order signed print copies from my Etsy shop until it’s available from other retailers.

It is Day 2 of NaNoWriMo and I’m on schedule to have another great one! Are you also participating? Let’s be buddies! My goal for the month is to finish the current draft of book two in The Five Maidens Trilogy.

Let’s go for our dreams.

Happy Writing!